Monday, February 19, 2007

Social Bookmarks

I searched Diigo for bookmarks that are tagged with the word "economics". I found one person in paricular that had several bookmarks with this tag. Technicolorcvlry's list of bookmarks is not long, but 13 of them are tagged with economics and are of relevance to my field of study. There are some aspects of his annotations that I like, but there is some room for improvement.

The best thing about these annotations is that they are short and to the point. Each annotation is no more than a sentence. They give a clear description of the content of the source. This person was sure not to give a long critique of the site listed. The annotation tells a little about the website, but leaves the reader to come to their own conclusion about the content. The conciseness of the annotations is the best feature of this list of bookmarks.

The downside of having short annotations is that it does not provide much insight as to the content of the link. These short annotations provide little more information than the title of the link. It would be much more helpful if the author of the annotations would explain what type of information was contained in the link. The author should tell whether the source is scholarly or not. They should also discuss whether the link is an editorial, a survey, or just the musings of an individual. It would also be useful if the annotations discussed the author of the link and their credibility.


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