Thursday, January 11, 2007

How does the economy effect me?(3)

Most people do not have a great understanding of the economy and how it works. They do not know about the economy because they do not care about the economy. Economics is generally portrayed as a study of figures, graphs, and estimates. It is difficult for most people to develop an interest in a discipline that they cannot relate to and does not effect their lives. The reality is that everybody is effected by the economy and everybody contributes to the economy in some way. With this blog I plan to examine how the economy effects the daily lives of the citizens of this country. Almost every foreign policy, political move, or social issue has some kind of economic impact. I will try to comment on such issues and explain how they will effect people's lives. Exchange rates, employment rates, and the Consumer Price Index are difficult for most people to understand. It is sometimes difficult to see the relevance of these numbers. For example, low interest rates may increase home values and a change in exchange rates may cause inflation. I will try to explain these figures in detail and speculate what the numbers may represent.

There are many analysts in the economics field that like to speculate. That is one of the most interesting aspects of economics. Every action is open to speculation. There can be numerous unexpected events that result from one single event. This allows economists to make many different predictions. I will provide an alternative view and comment on the speculations of others.

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ginga said...

i disagree i believe that capitalism is the major reason for Baraq Obama's election. If this was not so than the delegates of Finnish embassy would not have advanced their new stimulus package.

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